Recent ARNOLD GROUP successes
include direct support to industry and
government agencies for homeland
security and defense. We are directly
responsible for the Battle Command
Systems (BCS) win for Thales Raytheon
Systems to replace NORAD C2 systems.  
Worked with ARINC AES, LLC to develop
Collaborative Decision Aid for SECDEF
and Combatant Commander.  On contract
with 1AF and NORAD to build prototype.  
Wrote strategic vision plan for homeland
defense for HQ USAF.  Currently work
with seven business units and strategic
business area of Raytheon; two business
units of ARINC AES; Logis-Tec, Inc;
Dayton Aerospace; Lockheed
Martin-Akron.  Currently providing general
officer and colonel level consultants to
support industry and government.              

About Our Business          

THE ARNOLD GROUP, LLC was founded by Major General (retired)
Larry Arnold and Linda Arnold and incorporated in 2002 as a
consulting firm to the Defense and Homeland Security Industries. The
company is a veteran owned small business registered on the Central
Contract Registration (CCR).  Since its founding, the company has
added associates to meet the needs of the United States Air Force, the
US Army, the National Guard, the Department of Homeland Security,
and industry doing business with these government agencies.  Our
company’s officers and associates include retired Army and Air Force
flag and other senior officers with expertise in business development,
strategic planning, capture and proposal management, senior
mentoring, integrated logistics and congressional lobbying.

Business History and Objectives

The officers and associates of THE ARNOLD GROUP are all senior
officers who had successful careers in the Air Force and Army and
similarly successful careers as individual consultants.  They have
subsequently attracted additional associates who share their desire to
provide clients the synergistic capabilities of high performers with
proven track records.

THE ARNOLD GROUP is organized to help government agencies and
defense industry achieve their mission and business objectives by
providing a foundation of support. We understand how to connect
capabilities requirements with programming and funding to achieve the
desired effects for our government clients.  Equally, we will assist our
industry clients in strategic business planning, proposal management,
contact planning and execution, and a plethora of other tasks
associated with winning government contracts.  We share a common
value with our government and industry clients:  Our success is
ultimately how our efforts have provided affordable capabilities as
measured by increased security for the United States of America.

The Arnold Group is dedicated to providing excellence in service to
The Arnold Group, LLC